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About VO Handmade

Vanessa Ottenbreit is the owner and artist

of the carefully crafted designs at

VO Handmade. All of the artwork shown

is original. She draws from her education

in design principals, including color theory,

letterpress, and much more.

Receiving a hand written letter or

invitation is quite special in this age of

technology. Vanessa enjoys working with individuals like you to create a unique personal design using her many years of expertise vast knowledge and resources.

Many of the designs you see began as a custom design commission. They are a perfect way for your own personal details to be incorporated in a masterful way. Contact Vanessa if you have any questions or if you would like a quote. You can learn more here.

Fun fact!

Vanessa is also educated as an Interior Designer and practices when tempted by an interesting project. You can see the architectural influences in many of her illustrations, like the Washington, DC invitation.



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Celebrating 15 years in 2024!

VO Handmade has been business in business for over a decade, and Vanessa has been a practicing graphic designer since 2000.

Located in Eugene, Oregon

Vanessa has projects around the world, but loves the opportunity to connect if you are local. She is located in Eugene, Oregon.

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